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Accent Homes LogoPeople love a new home. Everything is new and clean and works well. Because new homes are fresh and new many people regard them as the blank canvas to create a work of art. Adding some interesting details to personalize a home is easy.

One of the best things to come along in recent years is wall art that is removable. There are dozens of online companies that offer things such as wall graphics and removable wallpaper. These products come in dozens of different styles but contain an adhesive that makes them easy to remove when the time comes. Unlike permanent adhesive found in older products. This type can be taken down quickly and repositioned if needed.

Wall graphics come in many different styles and themes. Some of these are like silhouettes and are in one color only. Others have colors that match the items real life look. These can come in large sizes that use most of one wall for a dramatic look in a dining room or a bedroom. There are smaller items that can be used in a bathroom or hallway. People will find items that can be used alone or in combination with other art items.


Nurseries and children’s rooms are also good candidates for these products. Many parents will get letters that can be used to spell out their child’s name or a slogan or phrase. Some of these products follow traditional nursery themes such as teddy bears, ducks, alphabet blocks or other imagery. Older kids can find zoo animals, space ships and planets, racecars, ballet scenes or other age-appropriate themes. There are also some types of this art that is suitable for teens.

Removable wallpaper, sometimes called rental wallpaper, has the feature of being able to be moved to different walls or rooms if desired.  Like its wall art cousin, its adhesive is also non-damaging to paint or walls. It is easy to install and very easy to move if the first attempt to hang it is not right.

These products are reasonably priced so it is possible to change the look of a room often at little cost. Some of these products can be found at local department stores. However, the biggest selections can be found on the net.

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