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New Homes in CharlotteOne of the best features about a new home is that there is nothing that needs repairs. This frees up time and money to concentrate on creative projects. These can be fun but these can also be a way to do things that will save time and money over the long haul.

Charlotte New Home KitchenBecause homes in the same tract often have the same floor plans, there are often ones that look very similar to each other from the inside. One way to give a home a more personalized look is to add some color to the walls. One accent wall with a favorite color can be a good start but there are some other tips and tricks too. Some people will take one room such as a dining room or bedroom and paint the walls two colors. These should be in the same color family with the darker of the two toward the bottom. Add a chair rail, either painted or stained a contrasting color to finish the look. This can give a room a custom look for under $200 and possibly less than that depending on the type of chair rail used.

Another paint trick is to add vertical stripes. Some people like a dramatic look using a light and dark color such as off white with deep teal. Other people are looking for something that is subtler. Painting stripes in colors that are close but not exact adds a layer of interest to a room. Using a lace type stencil to add a similar shade on one set of stripes can also add visual interest. The key is to keep the shades similar so that none of these overpower the others.

Another unique idea is to paint a frame on the wall to enclose art. The easiest way to do this is to draw the design on a piece of paper. Draw the frame to scale more or less with the objects you plan using to get an idea of the layout. The frame style can be as plain or fancy as you need. Draw the design for the frame on the wall lightly in pencil taking care to measure to make sure it is even. Take your time. Paint by hand using decorative craft paint or small sample paints from the local hardware store. When dry, place your object such as portraits or photos, transfer ware plates or collectibles inside the frame.

Not everyone sews but this is something that is easy to learn. Making curtains and throw pillows is very easy. These basically amount to being able to sew a few straight seams, and in the case of pillows, there will be a small amount of hand sewing. Fabric remnants such as those used for upholstery purposes often make great pillows. Sometimes windows have blinds but not much to make the window stand out. Making a decorative valance is one way to help a window look its best. These can be as plain or fancy as you want. Add braid or decorative trim if desired. This is one project that

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