Small touches can add warmth to a home

Finding tips for Painting your new home!

Finding tips for Painting your new home!

New homes are wonderful but like the blank page for a writer or the empty canvas for an artist, new space is sometimes intimidating. People love being able to live in a new home for this reason but at the same time may not know where to start with decorating.


People should not try to copy something their family member or friend has done unless it is something that they really like. Now is the time to really focus on what is important and what you like in terms of details and accent pieces for a home. If you have always wanted a pink bathroom, now is the time. It can pay to be bold with color.  Not sure if you can live with a specific color for a long time even though you like it? Try using it in small amounts first. Buy some accent pillows in that shade or paint one wall of a room with that color.


One key to making a house a home is to personalize it. Using a hallway or a wall in one room for original art is one way to make a house a home. Many people take artwork from their children or grandchildren and have it framed. Alternatively, family photos and images from generations past can be an interesting theme. Some people have acquired photos or drawings of home that their family has occupied at different times. These can be fun to frame and display.


Many people purchase a four-bedroom home with the intention of making one room a craft or hobby room. Before placing furniture in this room, find out about getting cabinets and a table that runs the length of one wall installed. These can be new items or ones source from private party ads like those on Craigslist. Having one wall with a workspace and storage helps to make the room look uncluttered but also gives all tools and supplies a home.


Like color but have a fairly beige home? Try adding some colorful accent tiles in the bath or kitchen as a border. This type of tile can go along the top of a backsplash or around the back edges of a bathroom vanity in many cases.


Taking the average new home from basic to personalized sometimes takes a few dollars but most of the time, it is more about imagination. Look for themes you like and work from those ideas to create a unique space of your own.

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